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About Nutrition Consulting Services

I specialize in helping people who suffer from digestive issues. We do this by examining your diet, lab tests noticing patterns in your health. You can learn more about my health services here.

About Arts, Crafts and Cooking Classes

I offer cooking, arts and craft classes to foster creativity, confidence and self-care in my students. I offer cooking as a creative medium, and arts and crafts as healing practices.

Cooking classes include nutrition information and detailed handouts. Students are encouraged to experiment with recipes to accommodate individual tastes, dietary needs and available ingredients. Confidence in the kitchen is critical to improving overall nutrition, and a sense of creativity makes the process fun and lighthearted.

Arts and crafts classes focus on technique, so students can apply what they learn to whatever they want to create. Everything we make is an experiment and a learning experience, there is no way to fail. It’s essential to be in the moment, relax and observe our mind and body. The creative process can reduce stress, build confidence and helps us to recognize the best way to support our physical and emotional health. Creativity also provides a non-food way to reward ourselves.

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Why arts and crafts?

Once upon a time, I identified primarily as an artist. I got a BFA from the California College of Art, exhibited my work nationally and taught art all over the Bay Area. I was even awarded a month long artist retreat in Mojacar, Spain.
I shifted my business to nutrition from a desire to use my own healing experience to help others. But I found nutrition wasn’t enough. I found I also needed my creative practice to heal and find balance in my daily life. I bribed myself with watercolor painting when I strictly avoided sugar and I sewed baby quilts for pregnant friends when I took breaks from writing papers in nutrition school. Many of my nutrition clients also struggle with stress and anxiety, and would benefit from creative sources of fun. My hope is that my classes can help them and others to develop their creative core and benefit as much as I have.
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    10/7 Soup and Stews

    10/8 Knit Basketweave Scarf

    10/12 Crafts and Cookies

    10/14 Meat Preparation

    10/15 Sock Monsters

    10/22 Applique Ornaments

    12/3 Fancy Crochet Stitches

    12/13 Easy Crochet Beanie

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